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   Nov 09

Pilates exercise as antidote for spinal diseases

Aches and pains in the human nervous systems defy conventional healing methods such as surgery, injection, use of pain killers, etc. The reasons are not far fetched. Tissues inside the spine are hidden in an intricate manner in and around the bones and are hardly reachable ordinarily. But thanks to the efforts of Joseph Pilates, the German born physical exercise exponent who discovered that a number of diseases can be cured by engaging in regimented physical exercises akin to what Yoga users do. He initially dubbed the healing process as contrology but later, practitioners preferred to directly retain his name on the method. Simply explained, the Pilate method involves doing physical exercise such as stretching and moving the limbs, head, and body in specific manners and angles through which the stiff body nerves are stretched and finally relaxed, thus bringing relief and healing to the affected parts. The exercises are to be done regularly, and with passing time, specific written methods have been developed for aspiring users.
A clear example of the Pilate efficacy is the ridding of the spine region at the back of excess fats stored in that region. It has been found that continued application of the exercise over time was able to remove accumulated fats in the spine region, no other form of therapy had been known to do this.
Without sounding sensational and highly philosophical on this feat, Joseph Pilate explained that he believed that all treatments begin from the mind, that first, for every healing attention of the mind must focus of the spot having pain, and that healing thoughts should then be directed to that spot. This is a modern concept of ‘Energy follows thought’. Following this pattern, several healings are being performed on areas of the body such as strengthening the abdomen, maintaining standing and posture, dissolving tumors, balancing, maintain steady flow of blood, general body relaxation, and many others. This Pilate system has found its way into modern alternative healing systems. The highlights can be summarized as concentration or focusing on the ailing point, directing flow of energy, and finally breathing on the spot. Breathing is essential to direct actual energy flow. Thus, what started as mere physical fitness exercise has now gained prominence as authentic alternative healing method without usage of any drugs. In our modern times with lingering uncertainties of fake drugs or abuse, an unorthodox but harmless therapy is worth trying. Many kudos to Joseph Pilates.

   Sep 04

Eat and Grow Rich!

It may sound strange, but it is largely true that how well we fare, how sound our health is, to a significant degree depend on what we eat. Every human being today is faced with the challenge of living the good life, that good life can be defined in myriads of ways, but the conclusion will always rest on having sound health prequel to having all other ingredients of happiness. Food is a major factor in sustaining health, it is the feeder that energizes life by replenishing worn out body tissues. Hippocrates, traditionally regarded as the grand master of medicine once declared “Let food be thy medicine”. This saying remains relevant because we are what we eat. Anyone who is obese has to watch the diet. Skinny folks may be eating poor quality of foods. Skin diseases can be a result of poor nutrition. Several diseases have their foundation in poor food quality or poor feeding habits. The analysis could be endless.
Eating well implies feeding on food items that are beneficial to the body, and this boils down to having a balanced diet. Balanced diet ensures that planning and implementation of what to eat, how, and when are given priority. A balanced diet should contain the following items in the right proportion:
• Carbohydrates
- By far this is the commonest food item around the world. This is where we have corn, yam, cassava, guinea corn, some potato species
- Carbohydrates supply energy to the body.
• Proteins
- Proteins are body builders. They replace lost body tissues are responsible for replication of new body tissues. They are found in beans, fish, eggs
• Fats
- Fats give energy also, they are found in vegetable oils
• Salts
- For the body to grow strong teeth and bones, sufficient quantity of salts is required.
• Fibers
- Fibers aid in food digestion
• Fruits
Fruits are found in many places all year round. Many of the contain vitamins.
Vitamins constitute a unique class. They are the simple but indispensable ingredients found in different food items. A few of them are:
Vitamin A – sourced from spinach, mango, carrots, they enhance body growth and serve as oxidants which neutralize free radicals that damage body tissues.
Vitamin B can be gotten from grains, starch, cheese, etc, they supply energy to the body. Vitamin C comes mainly from fruits and vegetables
Vitamin D is a product of food and vegetables such as cod liver, egg yolk, salmon, cheese, and tuna. Sunlight also contains vitamin D. This family of vitamins support the growth of bones, they absorb calcium and phosphorous.
Having espoused varieties of food, attention now is when to eat. This is simple. Ideally one should eat when the urge comes, this depends one’s tendency to moderate the desire. The desire to eat too often should be controlled to reduce excess work load on the digestive system. For this reason nutritionists have suggested eating thrice daily for the average person, that is in the morning-breakfast, in the afternoon lunch, and in the evening supper or dinner. Food intake must be regulated, both in quantity and quality.
The good thing about food is that individuals can easily make good selection. Nutritionists suggest that human food should preferably consist of 80% alkali food, and 20% of acidic foods. However, for various reasons many people eat only to feed the stomach. Sound health is attainable only with balanced diet and good eating habits, thus the target of getting rich can be easily reached.

   Aug 31

Hyssop – the Cleanser and Healer

For centuries past, hyssop has been in use primarily for cleansing and secondly as a healing herb. When applied externally to the skin, it is a potent remedy for burns, wounds, rashes, and common irritations. Hyssop, which can be easily classified as an ageless herb grows as an aromatic herb, it is a native of Palestine but is now grown in large quantity in south and central Europe. Its usage as a cleanser is attested to by the Holy Bible passage in the book of Psalms Chapter 51, verse 7, in which King David prayed to God saying “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean ….”. This followed the realization of the enormity of his sins before God. But beyond general cleansing, the herb also has healing properties.
Bronchitis, catarrh, colds, and influenza are easily cured with hyssop. It can be used to remove phlegm from the throat although it is bitter to taste and has anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. Many herbalists have been recommending hyssop treatment for curing diseases such as body weakness. It is a tonic and body stimulant. It removes toxic wastes from the body, it cleanses the bowels. Intestinal worms, especially roundworms are eliminated by using the juice extracted from hyssop. The whole plant is an antidote for all kinds of fever and chest colds, flatulence and colic.
Its aroma is so distinct to the extent that it is an outstanding products of aromatherapy which is the treatment with aroma. In case of deep emotional feeling, hyssop aroma is curative. Hyssop oil can be toxic if used in excessive, and it is not good for pregnant women. Other prominent curative properties include:
○ effective for curing high blood pressure
○ can be used as cleanser for bath water
○ cleanses the respiratory system
○ cures leucorrhea
○ it is used to ban evil spirits, to clean holy places preparatory for worship
○ it is used to decorate sacred places
○ it is put in a chalice to generate pleasant , healing odor
Hyssop had been a favorite herb through the ages. It was said that Hippocrates, the celebrated pioneer physician once recommended it for chest pains, religious devotees had been using it for spiritual purposes. In modern times, hyssop, in admixture with other components been prepared into skin care products such as healing cream, herbal face cream, moisturizing day cream, after shave balm, hand and body lotion, stretch mark gel, pure lavender oil, and many more. These cleansing and healing qualities are the enduring attributes which sustain the herb, and the ancient patronage still remains till today.

   Aug 30

Discover the Healing Potency of Alfalfa

In spite of its efficacy in healing many ailments, alfalfa herb is yet to attain prominence in the comity of popular herbs. It is a leguminous herb with leaves growing on alternative sides of the stem. Though it is a native of Europe alfalfa had been grown in several parts of the world, especially the temperate regions and India..It was once used to feed Arab horses. Substantial quantities of vitamins A,B,D,E,G are found inside this herb. Lesser quantities of vitamins C and K are also present. Alfalfa is famous because it contains calcium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, and silicon, and it has more protein than corn and wheat. Dietary fibers such and chlorophyll are abundant in the herb.
Greater focus is on the curative properties of alfalfa. While common herbs and plants extract their nutrients from a few inches below the soil surface, alfalfa roots reach down as far as twelve meters to source for the richest nutrients available in the soil. It is from this low depth that manganese, a very precious mineral is extracted. Manganese is a vital component of insulin for the digestive system in human beings. Common diet items in the tropics are heavily loaded with acidic contents which can be disadvantageous to the body, but alfalfa has very high portion of alkali-forming elements.. Therefore its inclusion in diets creates the much needed balance. Digestion is aided by alfalfa, its regular intake also promotes graceful and gradual old age. This herb works gently to recondition the kidneys and the bladder, it is effective in preventing or treating dropsy.
Persons with heart disorders will obtain quick relief by taking the juice of carrot and alfalfa, its fresh leaves are also good for this purpose. Alfalfa juice alone is a rich source of chlorophyll, it is good in treating pains in the sinuses and the lungs, hair growth can be promoted by it. Overworked and hyperactive people can be peacefully slowed down by taking alfalfa tea. Similarly anyone with stomach ache will have speedy relief by using any alfalfa product. And most importantly, terrible diseases such as high blood pressure resulting from hardened arteries can be easily cured.
Anyone can easily and quickly add alfalfa products to diet:, this could be done by adding the seeds to salads and sandwiches to eat, by extracting the juice from its leaves to drink, by making the tea through boiling the seeds for 30 minutes and then cooling before drinking. Patients of bad cholesterol and diabetes need to use alfalfa components regularly. Thus this herb is a great alternative to using drugs.

   Aug 02

Curing Parkinson’s Disease with Pyramid Energy

The myth surrounding the incurability of the dreaded Parkinson’s disease is broken! Continuing modern research shows that energy generated by any precisely constructed pyramid heals numerous disease such as arthritis, insomnia, psoriasis, cancer, diabetes, and most importantly Parkinson’s disease. The first pyramids in the world were built in Egypt many centuries before the Christian era. The pyramids are ancient monuments whose legacy is bequeathed on modern civilization. The original belief has been that the pyramids were places for the burial of the Pharaohs of Egypt. However, modern research is revealing more of these pyramids. They were erected for purposes of research and knowledge, according to Egyptologists. Our concern here is not the historical facts but rather, we want to enrich our on-going quest to fathom many sources of healing without drugs, and precisely pyramid energy is devoid of any drug usage.
The basis of pyramid energy is based on metaphysics. All elements and molecules of any form of matter are held together by unseen innate forces, their physical positions are determined by natural forces of cohesion and adhesion. Solid geometrical objects such as prisms, cubes, etc are subject to this laws. Concerning the pyramid It is a solid structure held together without any weak points, for best results non-metallic materials are ideal for constructing the pyramid. Every pyramid has very precise dimensions, for example the base is always square, having four equal sides, each subtending the other at 90○ The pyramid has four sides, each side is a triangular panel inclined to the horizontal at a precise angle, all the four panels join together to form an apex. Directly and vertically down under the apex inside the pyramid, an enormous energy radiates. When somebody puts the palm directly under the apex, after a few minutes, a cooling sensation is felt, signifying downward flow of energy. This energy is capable of sharpening blunt razors, knives, clears murky water, stimulates relaxation and meditation, it can recharge electric batteries – liquid or dry, it can stimulate plant growth, it affects several forms of matter, but most importantly it can heal. Tourists and researchers on Egypt attest to the healing prowess of the pyramids, especially the pyramid at Gizeh, it is the largest of all the pyramids, with a towering height of 481 feet from apex to the ground. To get healed the patient stays under the pyramid directly under the apex for a varying number of hours, depending on the nature and severity of the disease. Parkinson’s disease can be cured within eight hours.
Pyramids that can heal human beings must be of high dimensions. Now, do you need pyramid healing? Relax! You don’t need to travel to Egypt to get the healing services. All that is necessary is to construct a pyramid with accurate dimensions. The joy of it all is that the pyramid size is scalable, following the law of similar triangles, a pyramid can be tiny, another can be much bigger, in fact pyramids built on similar angles to the great one at Gizeh but with varying sides have equal healing potency, that means only the angles of inclination to the horizontal needs to be PRECISE. You can select any dimension for the square base. Repeat, the angle of inclination of the side must be precise. Persons who are interested in pyramid construction can contact the experts.
Some physicians in the United States use the pyramid energy to complement treatment for their patients for convalescence after surgery or other serious therapies. The study of pyramid energy is still unfolding. A number of universities in the United States offer courses in Egyptology where mysteries of the pyramid and the fourth dimension are being investigated. Pyramid energy heals naturally, it complements every healing method, and very often it is a sufficient alternative to orthodox medicine.

   Jul 20

Moringa Oleifera – Nature’s Partner for Better Health

Moringa Oleifera is a herb that can decisively tackle cancer because of its outstanding anti-tumor capacity. Its plant is originally native to India but has now migrated to many sub-tropical regions of the world. It is cultivated mainly for its leaves and oil. Are you or someone you want to help currently battling cancer? You can seek solace here. The triumph of cancer lies in its ability to continuously replicate its cells even when operated upon or treated with many drugs. However, moringa has distinguished itself as very effective in the prevention and treatment of many forms of cancer by reducing the rate of replication of cancer cells.. It is a herb with compound leaves, it contains many nutrients such as minerals and amino acids. It has very high concentration of calcium, iron, potassium, proteins, vitamins A and C.
For all those who know, moringa olifeira is one herb that is highly indispensable if one can afford it. The name Moringa Olifeira is a botanical appellation for what scientists regard as a natural miracle tree which has become famous worldwide for its numerous healing benefits. Scientific reports claim that it can cure as many as 300 diseases! “Malunggay” is the local name for it in the Philippines where it is very popular in the common diet, as its leaves and flowers are added to people’s food. Other Philippinos even use it to dress wounds while others use it as therapy against malnutrition.
There are many benefits from the use of moringa olifeira to all people, for example anti-aging formula is found in moringa. For wrinkled and rough skin, the leaves are used for treatment, the leaves nourish the eyes and refreshes the brain, the numerous vitamins contained in it promotes longevity in human lives. Abundance of vitamins A, C, and E is an important requirement. Grey hair is generally regarded as a sign of aging, and interestingly a mixture of coconut oil, lemon, and leaves of moringa can reverse the process of hair getting grey. Moringa leaves supply energy to strengthen the body. From the ancient times up to date, the powder extracted from its leaves provide good nutrition for human beings.
The efficacy of moringa oleifera is rapidly spreading around the world. It has become part of the herbal treatments for many Africans who traditionally are lovers of herbs. As a result of its high contents of anti-oxidants, it is good for body cleansing, it protects the skin, it has anti-inflammatory components, and readily cures arthritis. For all these reasons it is rapidly gaining popularity as supplement to orthodox medicine in the Western world. Moringa oleifera is yet another addition to our growing list of drugless therapies for better health.

   Jul 13

Home Cure For Malaria

Simple and effective home cure for malaria exists in spite of its pervasive nature. Malaria for many centuries past had been the scourge and ravaging disease of the tropics, especially the tropics of most African countries. Malaria is a disease caused by mosquito byte, specifically the female anopheles mosquitoes. Plasmodium virus is the main ingredient of malaria, it is transported from an infected person to an uninfected person by the anopheles mosquito. Once the anopheles bites a person, malaria parasites are passed into the human body of the victim, they multiply rapidly and eventually cause several red cells to burst, this weakens the body and manifest as malaria. For this reason the mosquito is regarded as a great enemy of man.

   Jun 30

The Wonders of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a viable alternative to regular medicine without the use of drugs. It revolves around the use of hands and fingers to exert the right amount of pressures upon areas along the central nervous system. The spinal chord of the human being is the major focus while diagnosing, treating or preventing all forms of muscular pains along the axial and appendicular skeletons. Axial skeleton comprises of the bones of the skull down through the ribs , the vertebral column and the breast bone, while the appendicular skeleton consists of the limb skeleton and the limb girdles joining the limbs with the axial skeleton. A person who practices chiropractic is known as a chiropractor, his or her functions are done by first diagnosing the painful points along the spine, and working manually, uses the fingers and palms to exert pressures on the joints of the patients who is already lying down on a treatment bed.
Chiropractic has been found to be most effective in treating back pain, instead of blood injections and tranquilizers. It is widely practiced is the United States, Canada, and Australia. Its application is next only to those of orthodox medicine and dentistry. The chiropractor is highly skilled in the understanding of the human endoskeleton and exoskeleton, this informs the decision to know on which tissues and joints on the body where to lay hands.
The outstanding features of chiropractic as an alternative medicine lie in the ability of its practitioners to make accurate diagnose using only the symptoms, and effecting healing without using drugs. In this era while everyone is becoming circumspect of drug usage, and outright drugless therapy is worth trying.

   Jun 27

The Multiple Uses of Sesame Oil and Seed

There are multiple benefits of both the sesame plant and its oil. The plant has medicinal and curative properties, the oil extracted from the plant is also valuable for healing, beautifying, and skin conditioning. Available records show that around 1500 B.C. the Egyptians used the sesame plant as medicine, and its oil for purification. The sesame plant is a flowering annual shrub with long variegated simple leaves, it is native to Africa but it is now commonly cultivated in India, United States, Afghanistan, and other tropical countries. The plant grows to a height of about five feet maximum. The seeds grow in side a pod.
Everything in the sesame plant is useful. When the raw seed is eaten, it has a pleasant taste and flavor, and when roasted, the aroma is as sweet as that of roasted peanuts. Apart from the tasty seeds, the oil extracted from the seeds are very valuable. The oil is capable of soothing chapped skin, minor burns and sunburns, craw-craw, and other itching skin diseases. If taken internally, it cleanses the intestine, it improves digestion and the nervous system. Sesame oil is an excellent massage because of its emollient properties. Poor vision can be made clearer by eating roasted sesame seeds daily. When used for a considerable length of time, both the seed and oil can boost sperm count in men and enhance fertility in women, the dosage for the oil is two tablespoons daily. Chronic skin diseases are easily eliminated with sesame oil. The oil is very rich in vitamin A,C and E, thus it is a good antidote for myriads of heart diseases. For dandruff the oil should be deeply massaged into the scalp. The oil can be described as highly beneficial.
The nutritional values of sesame seeds are equally good. The seeds have 25% protein, they contain methionine and tryptophan which are almost totally absent in other protein plants. The cholesterol value in the seeds is very low. Essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc are abundant in the seed. The butter synthesized out of the sesame seed and oil is highly nutritive, it is a common condiment in Western diet, especially the United States. Sesame seeds can be baked into crackers. Buns for hamburgers and sandwiches are mounted with hulled sesame seeds, this adds very rich flavor.
Considering the multiple edibility of the seed and oil of the sesame plant, the richness of our modern cuisine could have been otherwise without this sesame plant. It is free in nature, and with it, dependence on drugs is significantly reduced.

   Jun 24

Yoga – the Drugless Therapy for All Seasons

Yoga is a very effective, drugless therapy that provides holistic healing to anyone who can practise it. The word yoga originates from the Sankrit language and it signifies physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of a person. Yoga is native to India and it is believed to have its roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, these three were religions of the orient. Apart from healing the physical body, yoga practices include meditation, breathing and relaxation, thus caring for the material and spiritual aspects of man. No drugs of any sort are involved in yogic healing.
Yoga has come a long way from ancient times, it had been the reliable therapy for millions of people, and has been modernized. It is now widely practised in many counties. There are definite procedures involved in administering yoga treatments. Exponents of yoga have the knowledge that the human body must be in full relaxation before any spiritual healing can occur. Hence the recipients must first relax the body muscles by doing prescribed exercises. Breathing and meditation then follow. When these are correctly done, the body gets fully relaxed. It is this total relaxation that initiates healing. Another reason for doing the physical exercises before treatment, according to the experts is to free the self, physically and spiritually from worldly worries and regain or improve in health.
Yoga is potent in curing several ailments, a snapshot is given below:-
● Pain relief
● Body detoxification
● Reversing gerontology or ageing process
● Toning the nervous system
● Improving sleeping patterns
● Reducing stress
● Strengthening blood circulation and heart conditions
● Facilitating complete body relaxation
● Sharpening memory and promoting intuition
● Strengthening the immune system against diseases
● Improving the overall wellness of the body
● etc
To be successful in the application of yoga for treating any ailment, spirituality must be involved. Basically yoga practice is one of the pillars of Hinduism religion. Today yoga has become a viable alternative therapy because it can treat virtually all diseases, it now complements orthodox medicine, and it is documented. Faith is another ingredient in yoga healing, the practitioner must observe reasonable degree of moral rectitude, have belief in the healing power of the Divine, and show love to others because the healing energy being transmitted to the patient emanates from God.
The modern picture of yoga is that of an art or science which must be studied and mastered before expertise is gained. It is common to find yoga training centers in cities around the world. Yoga can be practised by anyone with the skills, there are different levels of training to undergo, it does not involve the use of any drugs, and it is safe.