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   May 20

Detoxify Your Blood with Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is a shrub that grows abundantly throughout all African countries, and possibly in the torrid zones of the Caribbean Islands. As the name implies, when tasted the leaf is sharply bitter, but beneath that bitterness lie countless health benefits. Apart from its healing potencies, it is also a sure ingredient for making delicious soup. Bitter leaf has several species with differing sizes for the leaves, but the bitterness is common to all.
Up to date, malaria still remains the number enemy to the health of Africans. Bitter leaf is an important ingredient to fight malaria. When the raw leaves are plucked, they are washed before being squeezed to extract the juice. Drinking the juice alone is an antidote for malaria, it is anti-bacteria and anti-parasites. Bitter leaf when taken in any form prevents rheumatism, indigestion, scurvy and detoxifies the blood.
Where there is no medical help, blood oozing from fresh wound can be stopped by squeezing fresh, green bitter leaves and dropping it on the wound. What could have been an alarming prevalence of diabetes in Africa is being mitigated by frequent inclusion of bitter leaf in African diets. It counters the effects of excess sugar in the blood stream, thus the juice extract is a regular drink in many rural households.
When spiced with other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, peeper, etc, the bitterness in bitter leaf is no longer felt, therefore any soup prepared with bitter leaf is tasty and delicious. The overall benefit of bitter leaf is the healing effect it has. It is always a component of the concoctions prepared to fight malaria and liver problems. The juice of bitter leaf is an important cure for eczema and rashes that appears on the face. Bitter leaf therefore belongs to the class of therapies obtained without the use of drugs.

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